I want to help you get better...

1 Dec 2019 Story of Trinity Bursey told by UniQue Webster

“Dobrý den...”

As long as I can remember I’ve always loved creative writing! I shared an equal passion for sports. I had an amazing opportunity to play professional basketball in the Czech Republic. It was a dream come true! Czech was my first time living in a city - as a military kid, I grew up on base. In Czech, it was a completely different experience... I had no idea how to communicate with the natives. I felt illiterate. Grocery shopping was a chore; I couldn’t tell a turkey from a chicken. The most frustrating thing was not being able to read. Experiencing the disconnect helped me appreciate the importance of reading!

Suddenly, I went from a gifted athlete to a teacher. I developed what’s called knee fusions – a hole under my knee while playing basketball in Czech. Because of this, my time as an athlete was cut short. I relocated to the States without a plan. I remember thinking, “Okay, what am I going to do now?” I was subbing at a local elementary school. Shortly after, I became a teacher assistant which led to a full transition into the education field. I became a teacher.

From the b-ball court to the classroom…

I’ve always loved kids; while in college I managed a youth camp. As a coach, I taught the fundamentals of basketball. I’ve always been great with kids; it was an easy transition. Helping a child see their value and self-worth was a burning passion - especially working with kids that had severe emotional disorders. My motto was, “Hey, I’m not trying to make things hard for you, I want to help you get better.”

It was a joy to witness their growth. I remember one of my students had a tough first two years. After working with him, he made significant strides. He was focused and dedicated. I remember graduation day he said with glee, “Thank you for everything!” I enjoyed that aspect of teaching. But, I always wanted to do more. I wanted to do more outside of my little classroom. Even though it was difficult, I applied a little patience.

Everyone is significant…

Within a few years of finding my voice through teaching, I was able to construct a brand, Go Instrumental, dedicated to helping children reach their highest potential. Through storytelling and product creation, Go Instrumental continues to help kids discover their talents and gain self-confidence. Go Instrumental, includes a series of inspirational books and products ranging from backpack buddies, backpack charms, pillows, to game boards, finger puppets, t-shirts, and bracelets. The brand reinforces self-worth.

I am dedicated to making the world a better place through encouragement. As a transient for most of my life, I drew my understanding of life through my writings. Living in aesthetically beautiful cities, while absorbing my surroundings, inspired me with possibilities… It’s rewarding to see hope in a child's eyes. That’s the best part of being a teacher.

Trinity Bursey, author of The Little Piano