Creative Spotlight

1 Nov 2019 By Steve Opet

A natural artist since his childhood, Steve Opet decided to enroll at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh after high school, where he was on the Dean’s List and earned an Associate’s Degree in 1975. He became a communications specialist for Weirton Steel Company in 1979, designing and rendering safety posters, slides and overheads for presentations, 35 mm photography and darkroom work.

Opet enlisted in the Army in 1982 and at the same time, earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Point Park College, Pittsburgh, PA in 1990, while being on active duty. It was in Pittsburg where Opet sketched B-Ball Fans. “The intensity,” the artist recalled when asked about the piece. “I remember seeing the photo in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette and being drawn to it.” The work was featured in the Steubenville Art Association, Spring Art Exhibit of 1984 and received the Private Collection Merit Award. The ability to recreate an image with the stroke of his pen is what makes the artwork of Steve Opet phenomenal. Opet has the ability to take a photograph and capture a relatable snapshot in his illustrations. Often times presenting the artwork in black in white with a subtle fleek of a bold color.

Steve is a featured artist in the CO-OP-ER-A-TIVE exhibition. This exhibition celebrates thirty years of Cape Fear Studios artists. The exhibit is as diverse as Fayetteville - comprised of acrylic, watercolor, pottery and other pieces of artwork. The Arts Council is proud to present the local artists in a two-part show that starts in the Cape Fear Studios gallery located at 148 Maxwell Street and continues at the Arts Council main exhibit hall located at 301 Hay Street. The exhibit gives visitors a chance to see Steve’s remarkable talent up close in person. He has 13 pieces disbursed between the two galleries.

Master Sergeant Opet, a life-long resident of Weirton, WV, currently resides in Fayetteville, NC, and recently retired from the United States Army Reserve Command, Fort Bragg, NC with 32 years of service. More of Steve’s artwork can be viewed on his website,