Sing Your ART out!

15 Aug 2019 By Donna Jo Mangus

Cumberland Choral Arts announces support for their affiliated children’s choir, the Campbellton Youth Chorus, with the help of a grant in the amount of $1,500 from the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County. “We are extremely appreciative of the financial support from the Arts Council. Without their assistance we would not be able to be as successful as we have been for the past four years. Their continued support is vital to the growth of this unique civic opportunity for our young singers,” says Donna Jo Mangus, Artistic Director of the CYC.

The Campbellton Youth Chorus was established in 2015, when many parents expressed a desire for more opportunities for their children to sing and perform. Independent of any church or school, this choir is open to all Fayetteville and Cumberland County singers between ages 9-14. CYC welcomes support from Cumberland Choral Arts, and joins them on stage at four concerts each year, as well as taking other opportunities to contribute in many local events, such as singing at area clubs, schools, churches and holiday observances. All this would be impossible without grants and other outside funding.

The Arts Council is pleased to partner with Cumberland Choral Arts in support of the Campbellton Youth Chorus,” says Greg Weber, President and CEO of the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County. “Project Support Grants for 2019-20 will help fund 26 projects facilitated by 19 nonprofit organizations. These projects help strengthen our communities through festivals and concerts, youth education programs, arts exhibitions and workshops, and so much more.”

CYC is a versatile group! On stage with the Cumberland Choral Arts, the children perform music that fits with the concert theme. Last year, their repertoire included jazz, classical, sacred music and show tunes. Their director, Ms Mangus, is always on the lookout for new venues and collaborations, and is already planning for the choir’s return to the annual Piedmont Invitational Children’s Choir Festival.

Project Support Grants increase opportunities for access to arts, science, cultural and historical programming in Cumberland County. The grants are awarded to nonprofit agencies in Cumberland County that demonstrate financial and administrative stability.

For more information about upcoming CYC events, or to apply to become a member of the Campbellton Youth Chorus, please contact Donna Jo Mangus,