Lynn’s Downtown Fayetteville

1 Dec 2019 By Kesimy Martinez | Operations Intern

When asked to describe her favorite color, Lynn Smith said this: Imagine how it feels to have a gentle stream of lukewarm water wash over you or the feel of a silk scarf in your hands… that is the sensation I feel when I see teal green.

Originally from New Jersey’s Shore, Lynn Smith has been a dependable volunteer for the arts for 10 years- some people don’t keep a car for that long! Her commitment to The Arts Council of Fayetteville and Cumberland County was ignited by her love for the arts, moreover, her excitement about programs and exhibits among other community events the council has to offer. Though you can probably spot Lynn at almost every Arts Council event, some of her favorites include annual ‘A Dickens Holiday’, working as the Receptionist in the Arts Council building, and volunteering at monthly 4th Fridays. If you share a love for volunteering at these events, you may also enjoy some of Lynn’s Downtown Fayetteville favorites: The Arts Council, Fried Turkey, Linear Park, and the Public Library.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for The Arts Council, like Lynn, fill out a Volunteer Application and email it to to join us!