In Living Color

18 Sept 2019 By Metoya Scott

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. -Oscar Wilde

              As I enter Meraki Creative Agency headquarters, it’s apparent that CEO and Founder Karoll Mac adds color wherever she is. Meraki is a Greek word which means doing everything from the heart and leaving some of you in everything that we do. Multicolored steps greet you like a rainbow path to her office door. Those colorful treads made my feet bounce up them – because of the happiness that the hues radiated into my self. Karoll collaborates with brands by immersing in their vision, then magnifying it through a unique colorful expression. From creative marketing strategies within the digital space to permanent or one-day installations, her work radiates happiness and is rooted in striking urban structural design that embraces a space helping it to come alive. Karoll is also the creative director behind Color Fayetteville- the polychromatic umbrella exhibitions that has attracted a following which can be found floating overhead and taking public art to new heights in Fayetteville.

The idea behind the umbrellas came to her last year when she wanted to create something unique in Fayetteville, North Carolina. “The Umbrella Alley was a perfect starting point to what my intent really is, and that is to BRING JOY.” said Karoll. Color Fayetteville has been installed at three different locations in Fayetteville; TapHouse Alley, Marketfair Mall, and the Airborne & Special Operations Museum. It is definitely an exhibit that inspires hope and lifts one’s spirit.

Her driving inspiration for Color Fayetteville came about as a part of her dissertation studying the economic impact of color. In her research, she has found that applying color to structures can increase morale for its inhabitants. As a native Columbian, Karoll understands the aesthetic of a community can be changed by applying more color. Adding color to buildings can generate pride in a community and lower crime. Children learn better and patients heal quicker in hospitals that feature more color. For Karoll, we definitely see that color is happiness and prosperity – so she provides Fayetteville with a richness that enhances everything she touches.

Yes, Karoll Mac loves bringing smiles and color to people, and her talents are an eye-catching gem in Fayetteville that has people eager for more.