A Volunteer Moment

1 Nov 2019 By Kesimy Martinez | Operations Intern

Originally from Raleigh, NC, Crystal Derika-Mae Matthews has now been an active volunteer with the Arts Council for two years. Crystal was inspired to begin volunteering with the Arts Council due to her love for the arts. Her desire to be a part of a culture that brings awareness, support, and vocalizes the importance of artistic expression has kept her driven to continue to volunteer her time and energy.

Crystal reminds us that art is one of the few ways all people can participate and unite regardless of age, race, gender, status, beliefs, and/or affiliations. She is also passionate about keeping the arts in the school system!

Events that allow Crystal to dress up and spread cultural awareness are her personal favorite. From dressing up as a fairy and watching children become excited about artistic expressions to learning and embracing Caribbean, African, Indian, and so many more cultures through art.

Crystal’s favorite place downtown is Circa 1800, “because the food is excellent there”! We invite you to visit downtown Fayetteville and grab a bite at Circa 1800 if you haven’t already.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for The Arts Council, like Crystal, fill out a Volunteer Application and email it to volunteers@theartscouncil.com to join us!