Champion for the Arts!

1 Nov 2019 By Hanna Britt Corporate Director of Marketing | H&H Homes

Established in 1991, by Ralph and Linda Huff, H&H Homes was inspired to provide high-quality affordable new homes for military families serving at Fort Bragg Army Base in Fayetteville, NC. In the Spring of 2019, H&H Homes celebrated its 28th birthday with a milestone celebration for 7000 homes built and sold! Steadily expanding one market at a time since 1991, H&H Homes currently builds in six new home markets across the Carolinas. Each new home market has a fully staffed division office as well as a new home design studio showroom specific to H&H Homes’ available home features. H&H Homes has remained on the prestigious Builder 100 list for 11 consecutive years and is currently ranked 66th in the country, making a notable leap from 82nd in 2018.

Supporting the community is a priority to H&H Homes. H&H Homes is proud to be a sponsor of city-wide events like “A Dickens Holiday” and has done so for over a decade. As this event has grown in attendance over the past 20 years, so has the need for local businesses to sponsor this tradition. Today, H&H Homes is a dedicated major sponsor and has partnered with the Fayetteville, NC chapter of Habitat for Humanity to sponsor the “Gingerbread Community of Hope”. People from the community are invited to create gingerbread versions of buildings or landmarks in the Fayetteville area and present them for judging by all attendees at Skyview during “A Dickens Holiday."

Registration for participation and additional information can be obtained HERE!