My Story: Traci Luttrell

1 Dec 2019 By Traci Luttrell |The Fayetteville Observer

I am a US Air Force Veteran and certified C-130 Aircraft Mechanic. A mom of a three-year-old son named Xavier. I love to write poetry.

I am currently in my second year working with The Fayetteville Observer. My position here is a Multimedia Sales Executive & Recruitment Specialist. I work with local entrepreneurs, directors, and executives in our community to help promote their businesses through digital, traditional and event marketing which allows them to maintain lasting relationships and build upon their brand. I also specialize in recruitment marketing which allows me to assist Human Resource Directors with finding the right talent by utilizing job boards, ZipRecruiter, and in print with one easy call.

[I started on my career path] at Fayetteville State University where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. I have a genuine love for people and the society in which we live. [Because of my strong passion for community,] I knew it was important to engross myself within Fayetteville. While working part-time at a local preschool and working on an Associate’s Degree in Human Resource Management, I came across an opening position at The Fayetteville Observer. I knew this was the perfect place for me -- it would ignite my fire for community! I applied for the position, interviewed and the rest was history.

The Fayetteville Observer is North Carolina's oldest newspaper with roots dating back to 1816. Our 203-year history has allowed us the opportunity to be one of the threads that hold the beautiful tapestry of our community together.

The ARTS is one of the many ways we connect as people and as a community. Whether it is written, painting, mixed media, film, spoken word or song - we are enriched as people by the ARTS in our community. As the leading news and information source in Cumberland County, we are honored to tell the great stories of our artists' past, present, and future.

I support the Arts Council because I value the culture, the open expression, and freedom the organization gives to our local artists to be true to themselves. The Arts Council helps to promote our local talents and provides a platform where they can all shine under the spotlight.

My favorite Arts Council event is The International Folk Festival. I enjoy and appreciate the Parade of Nations and the preservation of all cultures found here in Fayetteville and neighboring cities. I find it very important that we continue to teach generations about the cultures and undeniable pride displayed each year so that each nation can remain true to their identity.

My motto: "Become the person who would attract the results you seek." - Jim Cathcart